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The Nunuki bunch

Nunuki skincare allows you to give your little one the very best care without compromising on fun. The Nunuki bunch each has a unique personality and are eager to teach us valuable life lessons. Most of all though, the Nunukis show us that each little nunu is perfect in their own special way.

PRODUCT Nurturing Hair & Body Wash
CHARACTERISTICS Observation / Sight / Perception

With big, bright eyes that never miss a thing, observant Izey is curious to know how her friends are really feeling, and loves coming out at bath time to see how they are doing. By splashing and playing she finds out about their day.

“Nunu-Boo! I see you…”

PRODUCT Protecting SPF30 Sunscreen
CHARACTERISTICS Caution / Safety / Awareness

Cautious Lello wants to teach little nunu’s about safety and risky behaviour. Lello loves helping you spot dangers in your environment and always takes a “safety moment” before going out to play, keeping his friends safe from harm and aware of dangerous activities.

“Safety first, let’s dodge the risks!”

PRODUCT Gentle Hydrating Cream
CHARACTERISTICS Listening / Take-in / Self-awareness

Elfie is known for her big ears that hear everything and is a very spiritual Nunuki. She loves to teach her friends to listen and pay more attention, not just to their parents but to their bodies as well. She knows exactly what’s needed to let them be happy and comfortable in their own skin and lets them know it’s OK to speak up when they are scared or uncomfortable.

“Come, tell me everything.”

PRODUCT Calming Bath & Massage Oil
CHARACTERISTICS Empathy / Nurturing

Nu-Nu is the most kind hearted and compassionate of the Nunuki bunch. She always tries to understand what others are feeling and loves to give big cuddles and make sure that everyone knows they are loved. She helps her friends understand that a kind heart is the best way to make others feel special and safe.

“I am here for you. How can I help?”

PRODUCT Soothing Bum Paste
CHARACTERISTICS Logic / Intelligence / Wisdom

The cleverest and wisest Nunuki of the bunch. His third eye helps him see things clearly. He is also the oldest of the Nunuki bunch and often gives the best advice, helping his friends do the right thing. Dex is always in the right place at the right time, and believes that no problem is ever too big to sort out when we work together.

“Let’s make a plan!”

PRODUCT Pesky Insect Repellent
CHARACTERISTICS Strength / Courage / Bravery

Maxi is the biggest and strongest of the Nunuki bunch with the heart of a lion. Don’t let his size fool you – he has a soft spot for scared and worried friends. He is brave and loves to show off his muscles to ward off baddies that mean to harm his friends. He teaches us about personal safety, stranger danger and the right to say no to pesky bullies.

“You are braver and stronger than you think.”