SPFs, Allergies & Organics with Dr Noreen Moti

We get plenty of questions about skincare, and it’s our mission to help make it simple, and fun for you and your little one. So we were excited to have Pamla, our friend and mama, host a live chat with dermatologist Dr Noreen Moti. They got straight to business, answering the questions about SPFs, Allergies, and Organic products. Here is what we learned from Dr Noreen Moti during the talk.

Is SPF50 sunscreen better than SPF30 sunscreen? 

Neither is ‘better’, the problem lies in the application. We tend to put on far less sunscreen that we need to. So, if we are using an SPF 30 ad only put on 1/3 of what we need to, we effectively have only SPF10 protection. When tough is applied, and SPF30 offers perfectly enough protection. Dr Noreen Moti recommends a teaspoon rule: 1tsp for the face and neck, 0.5tsp for each arm, 1tsp for the chest, 1tsp for the back, 1tsp for each leg. 


Do babies need to be bathed daily?

The answer here is simple: No they don’t. Three times per week is ideal. By bathing baby too often, we remove their ski’s natural protective oils, which promotes dryness. Our skin is our protection and does the best job without excessive washing. 


Are Natural and Organic products better? 

The trouble here is defining natural and organic. There are so many variables ad loopholes, that it is an exhausting process. Instead, Dr Noreen Moti beautifully advises that we focus on the basics. Do away with any colourants, excess fragrances, or other fancy ingredients, and try to find paraben-free products. When it comes to skincare, keep it simple.


Can babies be tested for allergies?

Yes. Doctors and dermatologists can use various methods, such as blood or prick tests, to test for allergies. However, often a perceived allergy could be a treatable irritation. Dr Noreen Moti recommends first treating the symptoms before testing. She furthers this by reminding us that allergies are fluid, and can be outgrown. It’s important to have any testing done with a recognised allergy specialist. 


Are kid’s sunscreens good for skin?

Yes, they are. They have many nourishing properties that benefit the skin, over and above pure protection. Dr Noreen Moti often recommends kid’s sunscreen to adults with sensitive skins, due to their gentle nurturing properties. 


What’s the best way to treat eczema in babies?

First and foremost, consult with a dermatologist. Eczema is notoriously difficult to treat and can require prescription medicines. Parents should discontinue using any products with colourants ad fragrances. Using simpler products, ensure the skin is well moisturised, and keep baths to 3 times per week. Also, consider using clothing with the least abrasive fabrics possible. 


What tips do we have for dealing with psoriasis?  

This is another tough condition to manage, and it is important to consult a dermatologist. Again, as with eczema, ensure the skin is well moisturised, and keep baths to 3 times per week. Also, consider using clothing with the least abrasive fabrics possible. 


Dr Noreen Moti has a wonderfully clear way of approaching skin care and answered some tricky questions decisively. She believes that our skin is our armour, and above all, we should be kind to it. We could not agree more. A huge thank you to Dr Noreen Moti for taking the time to chat to us, to Pamla for hosting the talk, and to everyone that sent in questions. We hope they’ve been answered. Please remember, we’re here to help and are only ever an email / DM/ comment away. 

Lot’s of love,

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